Dental implants and related surgery

Implant dentistry is firmly established as a successful treatment option for the replacement of missing teeth.

We are Specialists in Oral Medicine and Periodontics. We are therefore trained as surgical specialists and experienced in the placement of implant fixtures from all relevant implant manufacturers internationally. To place implants safely and predictably all implant cases are assessed and carefully planned using 3D radiography.

Implants are used for replacement of single, multiple or all teeth. The implants placed are used to support single implant crowns, implant bridges or can be used to stabilize full or partial dentures.

Where implant placement is compromised by a lack of available bone we undertake appropriate bone grafting procedures (known as bone augmentation). Bone augmentation procedures include autogenous grafts, synthetic bone grafts and sinus augmentation procedures. These procedures can often be performed at the same time as implant placement, but each case is unique and the treatment plan is tailor made for the specific clinical situation and needs of the patient.

We only do the surgical phases of implant dentistry, we do not restore implants at the practice. We work closely with referring dentists and other specialists to ensure that our patients are treated to the highest possible standard of care. Patients will be referred back to their referring dentist or prosthodontist following the completion of the surgical phase of treatment to provide the final restorations, whether it is a single crown, bridge or dentures supported by the implants placed.

The long-term success of dental implants relies  on a stringent post-treatment maintenance program. Periodic clinical and radiographic inspection and Oral Hygienist visits are needed regularly. For complex implant cases and periodontally compromised patients these checks are needed yearly. The frequency of follow-up visits at our practice depends on the individual needs of each patient.