Supportive Periodontal Therapy

Supportive periodontal therapy (SPT) begins when active periodontal or implant treatment is complete. SPT is essential to maintain the health improvements achieved by treatment and is the long-term continuation of care.

SPT is provided by seeing the Oral Hygienist and Periodontist at regular intervals.

All patients with periodontitis benefit from regular SPT, typically every three months (eg after periodontal treatment), although this recall is dependent on health status and risk factors of each patient. SPT involves helping patients to maintain an effective daily plaque control routine and to overcome barriers which prevent the routine being effective. At every hygienist visit the teeth are cleaned as well as the space around every tooth where bacteria accumulates by removal of bacterial deposits and re-instrumentation of developing pockets.  This is essential to make sure that periodontal infection does not recur and that periodontal health is maintained. Our hygienists are highly experienced at providing SPT for periodontally susceptible individuals. Our hygienists are also able to look after patients who do not suffer from periodontal disease for the normal cleaning of teeth.

The Periodontist is seen for monitoring of periodontal health. This is also an integral aspect to maintain long term periodontal health and patients are seen at 6, 12 or 18 month intervals depending on their risk profile. At these visits radiographs are taken to monitor bone health around teeth and implants placed and periodontal probing depths are done to identify recurrent areas of infection.